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May 8, 2012
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Special2Me's picture

Once again you done gone done it again, I'm lovin' "you're my star", can't wait for the album to come out, I'm right there!!!

JoeSina's picture

Tank is a very artist!!!!!
When i listen your music i feel me good and i cry for the emotional words.
Thanks Tank!!!!

Ms West's picture

Long time since I've made any contact! TGT is blowin up the charts! God Bless and see you when you come to Portland,Oregon again..... until then keep your heart pure!!!!!

aminah's picture

Tank great song!!! I love your music and will always support you!.

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mub's picture

i love this Album,

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jamesm's picture

Amazing job with this album Tank. I like all of the tracks. Your music is amazing. Keep up the good work.

SloWriter's picture

Where can I get Almost Done. I love this song and want to add to my Tank playlist.

missariana's picture

...and thank you for following me back LOL i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee you

missariana's picture

I will ALWAYS love me some YOU Tank!

CamilleMcDonald's picture

You're never Underrated to me Tank!

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Brittany's picture

love this album its great

DominiqueLK's picture

Your music is so deep. You truly understand the depth of passion. The good and bad. When I hear your music it touches my soul. Keep doing your thing

SydatriceP.Chapman's picture

Love, love, love your music!!!!!

DejerodClapp's picture

tank will always have the song you need to play when ur with ur old lady

shakia's picture

i want to marry you :)

JonHunter's picture

Tank 1st n formost your incredible brotha,i am truly inspired by your work n i am most def a fan,but really n truly i look forward to working with you one day,i am a producer and i got massive heat that i know with you on it,it's a automatic no brainer,but just wanted to shout you out and see you on top big homie.

shajerie1's picture

I LOVEEEEE THIS SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Cx's picture

we got freedom of speech here though last time i looked! Love is always better than hate (fear). the latter just creates more suffering and misery everytime. u write great love songs

Cx's picture

TO TANK: wish i had a song to send u ready but my recordings r only a little way through. C (I'll shut up now..promise)

Cx's picture

dont worry im not a crazy one. i just sometimes like to talk..

Cx's picture


Cx's picture

Ure music is a balm TANK

Cx's picture

just cant stop listening....

SabraThomas's picture

Wow amazing can not wait to see him in Denver on 9/22

Lovher's picture

Usually i fast forward to get to the good songs. But to be honest u cant on this new cd. From 1 to 15 its tha and if u dont have it yet u missing out on some good music to ur ears.

Bsexto3's picture

So beautiful, I think every woman wants a man to feel this way about her. LOVE THIS SONG!!

Bsexto3's picture

Absolutely beautiful. I remember back in the day when you 1st came out and I would play your CDs and my friends would be like, who is that? Now all my friends love your music like I do. Keep going strong and making beautiful music.