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Diary of a Mad Man

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March 16, 2012
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DejerodClapp's picture

tank will come up with men be trying to tell women i remember listen to close off the one man cd and trying o tell my girl at tht time how i was feel but he said it for me

Cx's picture

EO TANK: Thx 4 ure healing sounds. So good man. im serious.

Cx's picture

As the Beatles said (i think it was them): THERE'S GOOD AND BAD EVERYWHERE

BethanyJ's picture

one of my favorite songs of all time is Tank's "wedding song" bumm bumm buh bumm bumm buh ba bumm lol prob did that wrong but you get it!!

Carolyn Harris's picture

I love Diary of A Mad Man. Actually I love all your music.

ladypea's picture

I was at Warmdaddy's in Philly 5-7-12 and you are a very nice and sexy gentleman. The cd is amazing.We really enjoyed ourselves. Hope to meet you again

MzladyTy's picture

I need to see more of you live and uncut...........

CarlaGlosson's picture

If you like the song, get the album. It's a mix tape.!

ClintJ's picture

This guy is like no other! A true artist and vocalist. Period.

CieraSadé's picture

I am seriously loving this video for #Underrated!!!

CJ's picture

I'm a young songwriter/singer/ engineer and I was wondering what kind of musical equipment, plugins, and microphones do u perfer to use? Also when recording is less better than more in regards to plugin effects ???

Ratedtrill's picture

Like How You Gave The New Album A New Twist... Overall I Rated This Album 10... Tank Fan All Tha Way

Ladies Choice's picture

Yo, Let's get a show going in the Chi.

gtaylo4's picture

Tank...been a fan since day 1. Hands down one of the only TRUE voices out there doin' it! Vocally, you can't be touched. Lyrically, you're in a world of your own. My wife and I went to your show here in the D when you were there with Montel and you murdered the keys and lyrics of everything you touched. You made Omarion a star on that 'on my grind' beastin' the background and overs. One slight bone to keep givin' us folk in the D the pump fake with the shows! C'mon my brotha. My wife and I went to your show "ladies night out" with Silk, Genuwine and Tank. Clearly wouldn't have gone to the show if you weren't on the menu. Now you show tomorrow was cancelled at the Palladium Ballroom. I know you'll be back, and just my personal opinion...the House of Blues would be Insane! Keep doin' what ya doin' and give me a shout the next time you're comin' to the D and we'll (my wife, my bro and his wife) spread the One.

KJS's picture

Counting down the days.....Friday 2/10/12....I will be at the show in Raleigh...Club Taboo!!! Can't wait to sway to Tanks sweet music!!!! 2/7/12. kjs

Chyna Doll_2's picture

OMG I luv me some Tank I need to find out when he will be back to houston.

CieraSadé's picture

@Denise..go to !!! You def need this. Don't forget to get his calendar too!!!

Denise_5's picture

How can I download Diary of a Mad Man?

soulsinger757's picture

Thank you Tank for keeping the real R&B alive. Love the new cd and all ur old cd's. Much Love and Blessings to you.

Tavia Coleman's picture

ireally love 'underrated' and 'dead man walking"

ladylove55's picture

Love me some TANK!!!!!!!!

Denise_4's picture

Tank, is special, in his sound and that is a good thing.

urckretpal's picture

Tank, I am glad I found your page. I love your voice and your music. This is deep and true and straight from the heart and to the point.

hawaiianbeauty_80's picture

Wow,another hit maker and he always delivers without a doubt

Luisa12's picture

WoW.. Like always, never a dissapointment, ALWAYS the best. ?

Josette's picture


Henry's picture

you dont stop coming out with good shit man.

phee's picture

You never disappoint!!! I love you so much!

jamesm's picture

Great Mixtape Tank

Mandii london's picture

Gonna have to agree with Mykitti, good mix tape but not really sure it's u.... That said, totally love the tune - underrated! How awesome that you can put those feelings into words and sing it so beautifully!
Tank you are special, don't forget it x