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Thank you ladies for allowing me to be part of an already...
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Thank you ladies for allowing me to be part of an already amazing show! It was wonderful to see you strong beautiful black women sell out venue after venue!! You deserve it and i was just blessed to play a small part. R&amp;B Music at its finest! <a target="_blank" href="" title="#RnBMoney" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#RnBMoney</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#TheGeneral" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#TheGeneral</a> <a target="_blank" class="tweet-url username" href="" data-screen-name="kandi" rel="nofollow">@kandi</a>: &quot;I’m still posting highlights from this weekend! <a target="_blank" class="tweet-url username" href="" data-screen-name="therealtank" rel="nofollow">@therealtank</a> killed it. His song <a target="_blank" href="" title="#WhenWe" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#WhenWe</a> is on top of my playlist. Thanks for coming &amp; showing us love Bro! <a target="_blank" href="" title="#thegreatxscapetour" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#thegreatxscapetour</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#Tank" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#Tank</a> <a target="_blank" href="" title="#Xscape" class="tweet-url hashtag" rel="nofollow">#Xscape</a> : <a target="_blank" class="tweet-url username" href="" data-screen-name="hauseofglam" rel="nofollow">@hauseofglam</a>
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